Are you listening to your truth?

You have to know your truth before it sets you free.


“The Truth” is a topic of hot debate these days – who is telling it, who is credible, what’s real v. fake, and the list goes on.

Generally, we view truth as a fact, an honest answer, the “right” thing, or even the “coming clean” of a long held secret. Yet, this perception of truth is based on the actuality of external conditions and circumstances.

In reality, truth is an internal experience – a feeling of centered alignment rooted in integrity. It is an intuitive knowing rather than a proven belief. And when I embrace my truth, inside and out, I feel whole, inspired, and unstoppable.

In my truth, I am fully integrated.
Mental, physical and emotional unite as one.
I make empowered choices.
I confidently and effortlessly express and lead from who I truly am.
I trust myself implicitly.
Others trust me because my integrity is on display.

I have come to clearly know when I’m living in my truth, and when I’m not.
But it wasn’t always this way.

Social conditioning and the intense demands of my former, “prestigious” career stood in between me and my truth for a long time. Hyper-focused on performing to others’ expectations, my programmed truth was to ensure clients received exceptional service and to exceed the partners’ goals.

In pursuing this external vision of success, I lost my connection to what was inside of me, my truth.

The truth is that My Truth was working hard to get my attention. My body sent powerful smoke signals that I ignored, denied, resisted, avoided, and numbed because of my programming.

But the body is your truth keeper.
It always knows Your Truth.

It’s really that simple.

Your body knows your inner facts – what you desire, what fills you up, what makes you feel free, centered, and whole. And it always knows the right choice for you. Even when your thoughts lead you astray. Even when you ignore the signs. Even when you don’t want to face the truth.

Greater success at work meant even higher expectations. I took on more and more with no added support. The endless laps I ran amounted to a full marathon per day. And I never stopped for water.

I was stressed, exhausted, and malnourished.

The body speaks through physical sensations and emotion-based feelings. Smiles when you think happy thoughts. Tears when you feel sad. A rapid heartbeat when you’re nervous.

But are you listening?

Deny your truth long enough, and your body will absolutely let you know. Whispers become shouts turn to screams.

It’s true. My body told me so.

Shoulders tense, neck stiff, hands locked in a death grip on the steering wheel, I drove to work recycling the same frenzied, looping thoughts that kept me up most nights. My body was restless, nervous, and tired all at once. Containing these feelings was draining, yet I coped my way past my body’s cues and developed a new normal – a chronic feeling state of dissatisfaction, confusion and “dis-ease” all day, everyday. 

Until the day I became so utterly exhausted by the anxiety that my mind surrendered and my body staged an intervention – a full on, panic attack. Recharged by fear, I finally listened to my body’s wisdom and started a journey back to my truth.   

Our truth is deep down, underneath our social programming. Finding it is a courageous and fulfilling adventure. I looked squarely in the mirror. I questioned my mind’s self-sabotaging, perceived truths and supporting rationale. I learned to access and honor the uncomfortable feelings attached to those “fallacies”.

As I did, I began to hear the inner whisper. I started to act in ways that created positive thoughts, new patterns of behaviors, and a fulfilling way of living based on my inherent truth. I felt joyful, free, purposeful, and empowered. My truth was always inside of me. And yours is inside of you.

What happened?

I discovered the first of many truths.

I had to deal with the truth of my situation to access the truth of my being.

So what began with “No, I can’t take on another project” and “Yes, I’m taking a vacation and won’t be reachable” shifted to “I have everything I ever went after, but I feel anxious and inadequate“ and “I will deal with my insecurities one-by-one”.

Eventually this became “I know who I am” and “I’m resigning”.

And so I leaped. I left the safety of my lucrative job to pursue a new and inspiring career – one that I created that was ideal for me in work and in life.

What’s your truth?
What does your body have to say about it?

Are you listening?


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