I’m Lisa

As a Certified Coach, I offer insightful guidance to help you craft a meaningful vision of success that elevates and honors all aspects of you. As you step into possibility, I help you know and grow who you are. And I’m with you every step of the way.

My Story

As the eldest of four, I know a few things about responsibility and the drive to succeed. By the age of eight, I was a hyper-vigilant leader helping my family cope with my mother’s serious health condition. I thought doing it all and being perfect would keep my family safe, and I carried this pattern into my professional life.

In an ideal world, work is a meaningful part of life.
In my case, work consumed my life.

After years of prioritizing competing demands of bosses, colleagues and clients ahead of my own desires, a once rewarding career felt exhausting and meaningless. As I worked harder to resolve the confusion, my life upended and no amount of professional success could fill the void. I came to acknowledge an uncomfortable truth: I didn’t know who I was.

So I did the “unthinkable”. I left my lucrative career to return to me – my values, my desires, my self. As I nurtured and honored who I truly was, a powerful shift occurred. Stress melted away. Confusion turned to clarity. My energy and inspiration returned. As I became more aware and intentional, a path unfolded that honored my full potential: empowering high achieving professionals to evolve and honor their full potential in ways ideal and inspiring to them.

For over 20 years, I have partnered with people who want to create meaningful success in life, career and leadership based on how they uniquely embody their own potential.

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Professional Profile

For 25+ years, Lisa Catapano has shared her perceptive insight and progressive yet grounded approach to helping professionals navigate and balance the complexities of high achievement and leadership with the rewards of personal fulfillment.

A Certified Coach, and former attorney, corporate executive and strategy consultant, Lisa is a capacity builder, partnering with executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to expand strategic vision, advance leadership efficacy and empower organizational transformation by elevating personal potential. Her expertise spans global strategy, operations, human capital leadership, organizational development, and corporate and social philanthropy in both public and private sectors.

Lisa earned her BA from Boston College and her JD from Suffolk University Law School. She holds a Certification in Leading Professional Service Firms from Harvard Business School of Executive Education, and was honored for her philanthropic leadership as a Corporate Citizen by the Boston Business Journal.  She is trained to administer The Predictive Index.