Accelerating individual growth to elevate leadership efficacy


In 25+ years partnering with executives, leaders and business owners, I’ve learned one thing for certain – understanding and evolving who you are is as essential to your leadership as your professional expertise. 

Through insightful guidance and practical support, I help you mazimize your leadership potential and elevate your leadership capacity. You lead with increased consciousness and clarity, and lead in ways that empower and honor all that is possible for you, your team and your organization.


Executive Coaching

I offer highly tailored coaching in a confidential and honoring space customized to your unique interests, style and needs.

3 Month Program

One-on-one coaching designed to support clients with a specific issue or shift to navigate. 6 one hour coaching sessions with optional touch-point support between sessions.

6 Month Program

One-on-one coaching designed to support longer-term growth and transformation with sustained integration of learning and desired shifts. 12 one hour coaching sessions with optional touch-point support between sessions.

Coaching Engagement

Leader Direct Hire

For the aspiring or seasoned leader who wants to privately retain coaching services exclusive of employer engagement or involvement. This coaching option is entirely based on your individual needs, desires and outcomes.

Organization Sponsored Hire

The coaching engagement is sponsored, however, coaching is based on individual needs, desires and outcomes. You may disclose your coaching relationship within your organization, but coaching information is confidential to you

Organization Retained

Leadership team and/or leader plus team members receive coaching on the same continuum. This option fosters a shared leadership brand and cross-integration of leadership identity for increased organizational effectiveness. 

Professional Profile

For 25+ years, Lisa Catapano has served as a capacity builder, partnering with executives, leaders and professionals to expand strategic vision, advance leadership efficacy and empower organizational transformation by elevating personal potential. Her expertise spans global strategy, operations, human capital leadership, organizational development, and corporate and social philanthropy in both public and private sectors.

A former attorney, corporate executive, and strategy consultant, Lisa earned her BA from Boston College and JD from Suffolk University Law School. She holds a Certification in Leading Professional Service Firms from Harvard Business School of Executive Education, and was honored for her philanthropic leadership as a Corporate Citizen by the Boston Business Journal.  She is trained to facilitate The Predictive Index.

A Certified Coach, Lisa is valued for her perceptive insight, strategic expertise and progressive yet grounded approach to helping professionals navigate and balance the complexities of leadership while fostering personal fulfillment.