Whole People. Whole Professionals.

Embrace your full potential – intellect, wisdom and expertise – and evolve your career with clarity and purpose fueled by inspiration.



In 25+ years partnering with professionals, I’ve learned one thing for certain – understanding and evolving who you are is as essential to career fulfillment as your professional expertise.

Through insightful guidance and practical support, I will guide from career stagnation, doubt and confusion to being clear, centered and purposeful in your career decisions. As you more deeply understand who you are, what motivates you, and how you thrive, you will be empowered to evolve your career in ways most meaningful to you.


Career Coaching

I offer highly personalized coaching in a confidential and honoring space customized to your unique interests, style and needs. I help you gain clarity, maximize your potential, and work in ways that are inspiring and empowering to you.

3 Month Package

One-on-one coaching designed to support clients with a specific issue or shift to navigate. 6 hours/sessions of coaching with optional touch-point support between sessions.

6 Month Package

One-on-one coaching designed to support longer-term growth and transformation with sustained integration of learning and desired shifts. 12 hours/sessions of coaching with optional touch-point support between sessions.

The Coaching Experience

My coaching is highly personalized and intentionally free-form, unlike the systems of the professional world. I provide support that follows your natural rhythm and supports empowering breakthroughs. When we partner, you receive:

  • 60 minute sessions, every other week by phone, video conference, or in person if you are based in the Boston-area.
  • Customized practices and tools designed to complement and sustain your learning and growth.
  • In-depth knowledge, skill and competency building so you fully understand and integrate your learning.
  • Optional, between-session touch points, as requested.

Reclaim your vision and motivation 

Inspired Insight Hour is a free, monthly, live group coaching call designed to help you tap into your inspiration to create a life and career aligned to exactly who you are.