Live Inspired

What do you do when what’s “tried and true” no longer feels true to you? When you have all that you thought you wanted, yet you still feel like something is missing?  When you appear to be successful, but inside you feel stalled, stressed or unfulfilled?

Step into your whole self – intellect, intuition, emotion and energy – and thrive fueled by what most inspires you.


Inspired by You

Life. Career. Leadership.

You’re an accomplished professional with a successful career, yet there’s a nagging disconnect between your high-achieving life and the discontent you feel inside. No matter what you do or try – new career, new job, a promotion – the tension persists.

You are more than your achievements.

More than your advanced degrees. More than your career expertise. More than a corner office. You are a whole person made for more. More time, more space and more energy to fully be who you are, and enjoy the fulfillment of living, working and leading from who you truly are.

Achievement and fulfillment, hand-in-hand.

When you learn to embody your whole self – inner values, desires and talents united with expertise and skill – knowledge meets wisdom, and everything is possible. Restlessness turns to ease. Confusion to clarity. Doubt to conviction. And true success unfolds. You live, work and lead from what you truly desire and achieve it in ways most rewarding and empowering for yourself and others.


I help high-achievers learn how to realize and lead from their whole potential in life, career and leadership. Because when knowledge meets wisdom, achievement and fulfillment walk hand-in-hand.

As a former lawyer, corporate executive and strategy consultant, I know the discomfort that comes when a once energizing career begins to feel stressful, depleting or hollow. I also know the deep fulfillment of living in ways that feel true to who you are. 

I guide executives, leaders and business owners to transform within themselves by learning to lead from their wholeness – intellect, intuition, emotion and energy. Fully and honestly know who you are, and you empower all that is possible.

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