I believe in You

I know for certain that all you are lies within you.

It’s time to bring your whole self into the world.


What do you do when what’s “tried and true” no longer feels true to you? When you’re successful in everyone’s eyes but your own? When you’ve done everything you “should” to get everything you thought you wanted, yet you feel stressed, misunderstood and unfulfilled?

The secret to leading a genuine and activated life is to get clear on who you truly are and follow what inspires you.


Inspired by you

Life. Career. Leadership.


You’re an accomplished professional —  a seasoned leader, a rising star. You have the right degrees, well-honed expertise and notable success, yet there’s a nagging disconnect between your high-achieving life and the stress or doubt you feel inside.

You know intellectually that you want to feel fulfilled, but no matter what you do or try — yoga, therapy, meditation — you feel restless, constricted, incomplete. And you’re tired of the voice in your head that says you’ve made it and that it’s not enough.

Here’s the truth the way I know it 

Restlessness and confusion come from living out of alignment with who you are.
Inspired Living — empowered, harmonious, purposeful living — begins when you embody your whole self in all you do.
Through Inspired Living Coaching, you’ll live, work and lead from your truth and use Inspired Action™, the fuel of your own inspiration, to align what you do with who you truly are.

Inspired Living Coaching is designed to help you:


  • Overcome stagnation, indecision and confusion, and make personally and professionally rewarding choices with clarity and ease
  • Create, advance or shift your life, career and leadership trajectory in ways purposeful and meaningful to you 
  • Elevate your leadership to inspire and empower the growth potential in others though your integrity
  • Explore job, career or leadership options aligned to your unique values, interests and talents
  • Create a plan to carve your path to success based on what inspires and fulfills you


I’m dedicated to partnering with high-performing professionals who want their career and life to reflect who they really are. As a former lawyer, executive leader and strategy consultant, I experienced the lucrative rewards of career success and the strain of its steep demands. I chose to take my professional success — and disappointments — combined with my talent for cultivating human potential, to create my own inspired life.

Now I help high-achieving professionals – executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and early career entrants – to connect with their true values and desires, define their personal beliefs and vision around success, and take inspired action to create careers and lives aligned with who they truly are.

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