When what’s “tried and true” no longer feels true to you…when you desire different or more than what you thought you always wanted…when you’re ready to take hold of what is now, or step into what is next…

Move Inward to Rise Up


Life. Career. Leadership.

You’ve achieved success, but things aren’t quite right. No matter what you do, there’s a nagging disconnect between what you have and what you feel inside. Instead of content, you feel restless. Instead of energized, dull. Instead of clear, uncertain.

What you want is to thrive. To gain insight and get clear on your aspirations. To create an inspired vision that elevates your potential. To use your talent to empower meaningful impact for yourself and others. To live, work and lead fully connected.


As a former lawyer, corporate executive and strategy consultant, I understand the risks and rewards of navigating a high demand life and career. And I know that achievement that feels hollow or depleting doesn’t feel like success at all. Meaningful success is rooted in aspiration, fueled by inspiration, and realized through commitment to your growth and development.

For 20+ years, I’ve guided high achieving professionals to think deeply about who they are, what they desire and how to evolve into their highest potential. You step in to rise up. You become more aware. You challenge your perceptions. You take risks. You reflect. And you elevate your capacity – personally and professionally – to inspire and empower all that is possible for you and your organization.

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